(Updated 10/15/2020)


We both enjoy exploring new places, especially in wild, untrammeled areas.  We also feel the need to occasionally break out of our normal routines.  We find that living for a while on a yet simpler level challenges our ideas of what we really need, and makes us more appreciative of the comforts of the more settled life of home.

At first glance, it may seem out of place on this website, but adventure does involve "living outside the box" and doing so with relatively simple technologies.  Below are links to some of our trip journals and technologies.

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David's 2006 Bicycle Trip from Arizona to Oregon

David's 2008 Bicycle Trip from Arizona to Oregon

David and Pearl's 2009 Sea Kayak Trip from Vancouver Island to Alaska

David's 2010 Bicycle Trip from Arizona to Oregon

David and Pearl's 2011 Bicycle Trip Across America

David and Pearl's 2013 Sea Kayak Trip in Southeast Alaska


David's 2015 Alaska Backpacking and Packrafting Trip: Yakutat to Lituya Bay

Sailing in 2017

Minimus II, Our Next Boat