Updated 7/17/2015

Early this year, I began investigating packrafts for an upcoming adventure in Alaska planned for the summer of 2015.  A web review shows a wide variety of prices and features available.  At one end of the price, quality and capability spectrum are the various Alpacka models.  At the other end are vinyl pool toys.  Ideally I wanted a packraft with much of the capability of the Alpackas, but not the price. 

Last spring I ordered a Klymit LiteWater Dinghy and made the modifications shown here: David's Klymit LiteWater Dinghy Modifications

I also designed and built my own packraft from ripstop nylon fabric and garbage bags which can be seen at this page: David's Homemade Garbage Bag Pack Raft
In 2015, I backpacked and packrafted 150 miles along the Gulf of Alaska using my modified Klymit LiteWater Dinghy: Exploring Alaska's Lost Coast

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