Getting There

Pearl and I love traveling on the Alaska Marine Highway system and had planned to take the ferry to Juneau, where I'd take another ferry to Yakutat and she would take a ferry to Gustavus, where I planned to end the trip.  Our friend Mark, an ecologist from Corvallis, was planning to fly to Juneau for a research project at about the same time and that had us checking into airline tickets.  They turned out to be less than half the ferry price and, being pressed for time, we decided to fly.  This proved to be the first of several changes to our original plans for the trip.   

Mark met us at the Juneau airport and Kathy, a friend of his, picked us up and drove us to their home in Douglas, across Gastineau Channel from Juneau.  Her husband Dick has a passion for small boats that echoes my own.  I'd read his book "Gear List of the Golden Moon" about rowing and sailing a dory from Juneau to Seattle and was anxious to meet him. 
We had a lot in common with Kathy and Dick and became quick friends.  We're indebted to them for their generous hospitality, and to Mark for introducing us to them.

The next day Mark dropped us off at the ferry terminal.  I bid a hard farewell, to Pearl, then boarded the ferry to Yakutat.  Hours went by due to an equipment failure and finally, as I dozed on the upper deck an announcement came on the PA system that the stop in Yakutat would be cancelled.  A fellow passenger with a cell phone helped me to reach Pearl and soon Dick and Kathy's son Neal picked me up and we headed back to their home near downtown Juneau. 
Dick and Kathy rolled easily with the change in plans and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner together that evening.  With Kathy's help I booked a flight to Yakutat for the following day. 

Dick, Kathy and Neal, our wonderful hosts in Juneau.
Thanks for everything!

David waiting for the ferry that wasn't

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