I planned carefully for this trip and, with one exception, my gear and provisions worked out well.  Almost all the gear I had was used on a daily basis, with the exception of an extra set of dry clothes, a VHF radio, some first aid supplies and repair materials.

The one exception was food, which I had far more of than necessary.  Had I realized how little of the calorie rich food I would consume, I could have reduced the 55 lb. weight of the pack by 12-15 pounds.  More details are in the food section below.


--backpack, North Face Granite (bought used on Craigslist)

--quilt, Enlightened Equipment Revelation
--pad, Thermarest Prolite 3/4 length
--briefs, nylon, 2 pr.
--socks, wool/synthetic blend, 3 pr.
--shirt, nylon
--pants, nylon
--shoes, Keen Durand Low
--pullovers, 2 polyester fleece
--rain jacket and pants, Sierra Designs waterproof, non-breathable
--rain hat, Mountain Hardware
--tarp, silnylon 9' x 9', homemade
--bivy bag, homemade
--ground sheet, polycro, homemade
--tarp stakes, 10 aluminum skewer type
--radio, VHF handheld (never used)
--first aid supplies (ibuprophen, percocet, keteroloc with syringe)
--shaving bag (small mirror, razor, toothbrush, nail clippers, shampoo, bandana)
--headlamp, LED
--repair materials (needles, thread, gorilla tape, Aquaseal)
--OPSAK for all food
--gaiters, Outdoor Research Low Gaiters
--camera, Sony Cybershot 16.2MP 8x, plus extra battery    
--binoculars, Olympus DPI 8x21
--writing tablet, 2 pens
--hiking poles, Cascade Mountain Tech carbon fiber
--various trash compactor and ziploc bags for waterproofing gear


I carried simple, calorie-rich food that didn't need cooking.  Although eaten cold and lacking variety, I found the food satisfactory.  However, it turned out that I didn't require nearly the approximately 4000 calories per day that I'd calculated.  This was probably due to the flat terrain and unexpectedly hot weather.  I could probably have been out for about a month on the quantity of high calorie food I took.

--18 lb. Buttery Goodness (This stuff is like rocket fuel.  Although being my primary calorie source, I ate just 4 lb. in 10 days.)
--4 lb. crushed Fritos (Has the highest calorie density of any grain-based food I have found.  I ate about 2 lb. in 10 days.)
--6 lb. cheddar cheese (I ate about 3 lb. in 10 days.)
--coffee, instant (Mixed with 2 cups cold water each morning.)
--beach greens (Handfuls each day gathered along the beaches, mostly as a source of fiber.)

Packraft and associated equipment

--modified Klymit Litewater Dinghy (The raft was delightfully lightweight and performed well, dependably getting me across every river, including the Alsek.  See my page on packrafts for more details on the modifications and testing I did prior to the trip.)

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