Boarding the Alaskan ferry in the wee hours of 7/2/2015, our first stop the next day is in Sitka.  As the ferry docks, a friend from Sitka is waiting for us.  We met Doris on our sea kayak trip through here two years ago.  She kindly hosted us for several days and we had a great time together.  Now she's waiting here with a homemade pie which we all enjoy at a nearby park.  Just as we arrive back at the ferry dock, Linda, another friend from Sitka, stops by to see us.  It's great to catch up with them and we look forward to a longer stay on our next visit.      

And speaking of next adventures, Pearl, who has read as much about that coast and especially Lituya Bay, is enchanted with the photos I've taken.  Within days of my return, we're already in the preliminary stages of planning another trip to Alaska's "Lost Coast", perhaps next summer.  Our current idea is to get dropped off by air or boat in Lituya Bay with our folding double sea kayak.  We'd spend 5-7 days exploring the bay, then kayak south to Icy Point and on to Cape Spencer, exploring the coastline along the way.  At Cape Spencer, we'd paddle east through Cross Sound and Icy Strait to Gustavus.  From there who knows, but a variety of destinations beckon...  

Great to see you Doris, and thanks for the delicious pie!

(R-L) Pearl, Doris, Linda and a friend of Linda's
Great to see you again, Linda!

Passengers on the ferry watching whales on the British Columbia coast.

Sean (on right), the 2nd Mate of Alaska's flagship ferry, the Columbia, gives us a special tour of the ship's bridge. 
The Captain stands beside him. 

Moon rise on the British Columbia coast as we steam south.

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