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(Updated 1/21/2017)

Follow us at sea:

At the urging of many friends and family who wanted to follow our progress, we recently purchased a device that will allow anyone interested to follow our progress on an online chart, as well as reading updates from us along the way. 

The device is a Delorme InReach SE satellite messenger.  It uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit and receive unlimited text messages from anywhere on earth.  Each text is limited to 160 characters, but since the number of texts is unlimited, we can string texts together to make longer posts (we hope!). 

Clicking on the link above will take you to an online chart that shows our position in real time.  Our position is updated every 4 hours.  Also, each time we post a text message update, it will appear as a rectangular icon along our route.  Clicking on the icon allows you to read the message.

Follow our blog:

When we get to the islands and have an internet connection, we'll be posting photos and longer updates to our sailing blog:

Our tentative schedule:

--Early January, 2017:  Pearl and I will take the train from our home in Cascabel, Arizona to Philomath, Oregon where Minimus waits on a trailer. 

--Late January, 2017:  We'll trailer Minimus from Philomath, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California.  We'll launch her there, then drive the truck and trailer back to Oregon and return them to their owners.

--Early Feruary, 2017:  We'll take the train from Philomath back down to Santa Barbara where we plan to spend a few days tuning the rig, stowing provisions, etc. 

  We'll then set sail for San Diego on a roughly 200 mile shakedown trip which should take several days.  In San Diego, we'll meet up with friends and family and do final provisioning.  

--Early to mid-February:  We'll depart from San Diego on the longest leg of the voyage, roughly 3000 miles to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

--Rest of 2017:  We hope to be sailing west through the South Pacific.

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