Building Minimus II

(Updated 10-13-2018)


-Link to Minimus II description

This page describes the construction of Minimus II, beginning in September 2018. 

The materials we're using in the hulls of Minimus II are:

-- 1/2" MDO plywood throughout
-- 1" x 2" lumber for chine and sheer stringers
-- 2" x2" lumber for bulkhead reinforcement and deck beams
-- Raka epoxy with medium hardener
-- epoxy additives, including wood flour, chopped fiberglass, microballoons and silica

The plywood and most of the lumber was purchased from a local Oregon lumberyard, the remaining lumber was from one of the box stores.  The epoxy and most of the other materials was purchased online from Duckworks Boatbuilding Supply in Port Townsend, Washington.

First, a few words on designing.  I drew Minimus II using Libre CAD, a free, open source 2D program.  It's the same software I use for most of my work in sustainable systems design.  Like many designers, I'm capable of drawing in 2D and envisioning it in 3D, so don't really need a 3D program.  I haven't found any hull design programs that are free or low cost and also geared to the sort of designs I like.  Given the simple designs I'm most interested in, working out displacement, prismatic coefficient and other calculations is fairly easy.  

--Miscellaneous photos from the shop

Each of the following pages represents a roughly 40 hour work week for me.  Pearl also helped during significant portions of each week.    

--Week 1: 1st Hull--side panels, bulkheads and assembly

--Week 2: 1st Hull--fillet and tape bow and stern, install chine stringers and hull bottom

--Week 3: 1st Hull--fill screw holes, fair and apply fiberglass